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The system shall work with a broad range of communication formats which all shall work together seamlessly in any combination which including but not limited to WiFi, SMS, GPRS and LTE networks.


The system can be installed in the existing TR units and can directly accept TR parameters without the need for any complicated wiring or additional transducers.

Platform Independent

The system shall be accessible from any operating system including but not limited to Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Purpose of the System

This system shall be used to automatically monitor and control digital and analog functions and processes associated with cathodic protection systems and any other process that the end user determines applicable.

For cathodic protection systems, this shall include but not be limited to, the ability to monitor and control cathodic protection transformer rectifiers, monitor reference electrodes, control relays to monitor Instant-Off potential and depolarization readings, control relays for synchronized cycling of transformer rectifiers, monitor and/or control anode beds, monitor and/or control resistance bonding points, monitor casing to carrier shorts, etc. Also, the monitoring system shall be able to monitor digital functions including but not limited to the presence of AC and for all channels send alarms when the parameters are out of the specified value or range.

As an option for other applications, this shall include but not be limited to, the ability to monitor tide levels, monitor and/or control tank levels, monitor and/or control pressure, temperature, flow rates, valves, alarm systems, security systems, lighting systems as well as petroleum viscosity, etc.

The WatchCat Remote Monitoring and Control System can be customized as per customer’s requirements.

Description of the System

Operating Method

The RMCS shall work automatically without requiring the attention or time of The Company personnel. Once set up, the monitoring and alarm functions shall operate automatically without requiring The Company personnel to be present. The remote monitoring and control shall automatically notify personnel via text messages or e-mails in a sequence that shall be determined by the end user.

User Interface

The RMCS shall communicate technical processes through visual images, maps, drawings and photographs. The RMCS system’s visual presentation shall be able to show the readings, alarms and other system values to the user thru the user interface. Access to the specific processes shall be made directly by this interface.

The user interface shall have an integrated mapping system that (if enabled by the end user) shall display an icon of each Remote Monitoring Unit in its geographical position as per its GPS coordinates.

User Interface

Alarm Management System

The alarm management system shall automatically send alarm from the remote installations to the Database Server.

Digital and analog monitoring channels shall have full alarm capabilities.

Alarms detected by the hardware module, at the site, shall generate automatic messages to the Database Server.

The alarm management system shall provide an alarm screen to document actions taken, and by whom, that shall automatically become part of the permanent record of that event.

Automatic Surveillance

The RMCS shall initiate, at a user define frequency, the Database Server to automatically and systematically contact the field hardware modules to monitor the values and control processes and to download data at predetermined intervals.

The user shall be able to at any time as desired to establish connection with the remote unit and get an update of the current readings from the field.

Color Coded Status Icons

The RMCS shall provide a graphical method for all the status messages. This means that status icons will be displayed on the map as well as the software input and column screens.

Each message on this incoming screen shall have a direct link to a specific piece of equipment and this link shall be graphically illustrated.

The RMCS shall provide Installation detail records about the equipment which shall include installation notes, current values and diagnostic data relating to performance of the equipment.

Graphical Reports

Graphical Report

The RMCS shall provide a summary screen to visualize the most critical variables for the entire system including all the installations as grouped by the end user.

For sophisticated installations like plants, tank farms, airports, military bases, etc. that have a high density of variables with one same communication device, the system shall provide a summary screen to include these variables simultaneously or as defined by the end user.

The system shall provide multiple screens to view the data with filter and sort features to generate reports right from the Database Server.

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